Next for Jason Cosmo: Boltblaster and Dirty Deeds

Jason Cosmo Series covers 1-3Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Happy Star Wars Eve!

With Royal Crush launched it is time to talk about what comes next. But first – a big thank you to all the Loyal Readers who have bought Royal Crush in the first two weeks. I hope you’re enjoying the story – please let me know in the comments, (or at Dan McGirt Facebook Page or Twitter).

Also, please let other readers around the world know what you think by posting a review at your favorite online retailer. Reviews really help the books be more visible at Amazon, etc. and I appreciate you taking the time, whether you give one star or five.

The title of this post gives you the titles of the next two novels set in the Cosmoverse: Boltblaster and Jason Cosmo: Dirty Deeds. I’ll give you a brief on each now and we’ll discuss them in more depth in the months to come.

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Rainy Daze: A Jason Cosmo Tale Now at Amazon and iBooks

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

A quick note to let you know that the Jason Cosmo novella Rainy Daze is now available on the iBooks from Apple and at the Amazon Kindle Store.

This story — first released in 2009 at Smashwords — is set between the early chapters of Hero Wanted and can be read along with, before, or after that book, or enjoyed on its own. I updated the file, refreshed the cover, and put Rainy Daze in wider distribution as part of my preparation for the launch of Royal Crush on December 5.

Rainy DazeI’m calling Rainy Daze a “Jason Cosmo Tale,” which will be the tag for shorter-than-a-novel Jason Cosmo stories set between or during gaps in narrative of the main novels. I’ve got ideas for a few more Jason Cosmo Tales but for now my priority is getting Royal Crush ready. I’ll discuss future books (and tales) after December 5.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet read Rainy Daze, please check it out. If you have already read it and enjoyed it, and can take a moment to post a review at your favorite retailer, I’d appreciate it.

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Dan McGirt