Jason Cosmo Audiodrama Debuts at The Drama Pod!

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

I have exciting news. The audiodrama adaptation of Jason Cosmo: Hero Wanted has begun at The Drama Pod! Click that link and have a listen now. Episode 1 is about 16 minutes … perfect for your iPod while you commute, jog, go to the gym, do the dishes, whatever. (But please do NOT listen while operating heavy machinery or performing surgery of any kind!)

Have you listened? No?  Go listen now! I’m about to discuss the episode …


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Dan McGirt on The Dramapod October 30, 2010

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

This Halloween I will be heard again on The Dramapod for their “Terrifying Tales Told Around the Campfire” Halloween special. It debuts October 30. But the The Drama Pod is based in Australia. The International Date Line always confuses me, but I think that means Western Hemisphere listeners will be able to hear it October 29.

The show will include dramatic readings of classic tales of terror from Edgar Allan Poe and H.P.  Lovecraft, as well as original new works (possibly including my serial killer comedy Beginner’s Luck). Other special guests include John Bell from Bell’s In The Batfry and Julie Hoverson from 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

Please tune in! But leave the lights on!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt