Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED Preview

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As I’ve explained previously, I hate spoilers. But some people like sneak previews of upcoming works–like, say Jason Cosmo: Hero Wanted, coming from Trove Books in August 2009–so today I present a micro-preview in the form of the first sentences of the first ten chapters of Hero Wanted:1 Continue reading

  1. Subject to change in editing, of course. []

How Jason Cosmo Got His Name

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Last post, I discussed Robert Asprin’s Myth Adventures Series as one of the inspirations for the Jason Cosmo series (both the original handwritten stories and the novels). Today I want to address a more basic matter of Jason Cosmo’s origin: his name. Continue reading

Jason Cosmo: Better Than Ever!

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

My line edit of the Hero Wanted manuscript is grinding slowly forward. As I noted on Twitter earlier today, I am now about a fourth of the way through the approximately 400 page manuscript, carefully scrutinizing and editing every line.

I thought this was going to be an exercise in checking for typos and looking up obscure points of grammar. After all, I have written this book twice! Surely it is already as good as it will ever be.  But as Editor Dan I am finding that the work of Author Dan on this twice told tale can indeed be polished, revised and improved–yes, I believe I am making Hero Wanted a better book than Jason Cosmo ever was.

Let me explain. Continue reading