The Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy

When I wrote Jason Cosmo, I envisioned it as the first book in an ongoing series. I was then fortunate enough to sign a contract for two more books: Royal Chaos and Dirty Work. Unfortunately, my then-publisher declined to continue the series past Dirty Work. I was left with three fantasy novels involving the same hero and supporting characters. That sounds like a fantasy trilogy to most people.

But it isn’t. A true trilogy is intentional, with a story designed from the outset to be told over the course of three books. Not the case here. I always intended to write a Book 4. That my former publisher disagreed is happenstance.  I wrote is a series that ended abruptly after three books–a Non-Trilogy.

Years passed. While I always maintained a dim  hope of someday continuing the series, that eventually morphed into the idea of rebooting the series and starting over from the beginning. That is what I did with Hero Wanted in 2009. Hero Wanted is essentially the same story as Jason Cosmo, revised with a few new scenes, some details tweaked, and what I hope is better writing than the original. Next came the all-new Noble Cause, and I next revised Royal Chaos into Royal Crush. The new series was intended to displace the original Non-Trilogy, which would vanish into the mists of time and space and used bookstores.

But Loyal Readers thought otherwise. There are those who love the Non-Trilogy just the way it is — they’re happy to read the new series too, but also want the original books. So, by popular demand, I released ebook editions of each individual Non-Trilogy title, as well as a three-in-one omnibus edition. With the exception of a few minor edits to correct typos and other small errors, the ebook editions are the same text as the (U.S.) paperback originals. I know this risks completely confusing completely new Loyal Readers…but I think we can sort it out!

Jason Cosmo-Royal Chaos-Dirty Work Omnibus Edition:

Here are links to my pages with more information about the original paperback editions, both US and UK:

These links might get you started if you want to track down a print copy of these books:



8 thoughts on “The Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy

  1. Why not just digitize the original non-trilogy and offer them as e-books? As a newly minted true believer, I would love to read the originals. Make it easy on a guy?

    • John,
      Your wish is my command! I just last week sent copies of the original Non-Trilogy out to be scanned (I only have electronic versions of the manuscript, not the final edited as published books) and I expect to have them up as ebooks very soon!
      best regards,
      Dan McGirt

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  3. Hi Dan,

    I am a huge fantasy fan so it is with great pleasure that I am able to down load the Jason Cosme Non-Trilogy Books off of Smashwords..I cannot wait to “dig in.” Thanks for making this possible to your fans!

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  5. Mr. McGirt,

    Firstly, I love Jason Cosmo books. I re-read them often. I was wondering if there was ever a map of Arden? I love maps and i have not been able to find one of Arden. I would like it very much if you know of one.
    Thank you very much,

    • Michael,

      Thank you for your comment — and I’m glad to know you enjoy the Jason Cosmo books.

      I appreciate your interest in maps. I love maps too, especially maps of imaginary places! I do have a map of the Eleven Kingdoms that I drew by hand, in color pencil, on hex paper back when I was writing Jason Cosmo. I amend it as needed (when I make up new locations for a new book). I also have a much less detailed map of Arden as a whole, and a couple of rough sketch maps of Caratha — again, I just add to them as I make up the names of faraway lands or locations within the city. I’m not sure any of these maps are ready for prime time — I’m a writer, not an artist — but since you’re interested, maybe I’ll do a blog post on them. Longer term, I do plan to commission a true fantasy cartographer to do a nice version of my amateur map, so stay tuned!

      Dan McGirt

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