Royal Chaos (UK edition)



Jason Cosmo reckoned he’d earned a life of adventure-free obscurity in his slumbering hometown province of Caratha. But the capricious gods of Darnk had other plans for our luckless hero!

A terrorist attack at the wedding of Mercury and Queen Raella thinned out the guest list — and left Raella with at least one royal foot dangling in the grave.  Her evil cousin Thule Nethershawn seized power on the spot, arrested General Vixen Hotfur and banished Jason and Mercury from the kingdom, quicker than you could say Rom Acheron.

Somehow the troubled twosome had to rescue the innocent Hotfur, avenge Raella and figure out why the Dark Magic Society was getting darker by the second.

But when Morwen and her monster groupies threatened to steal No. 1 spot in the evil charts from Thule, a simple fact loomed large in the Arden sky: Fate handed down more twists than the ancient plumbing of old Rae City…


Cover illustration by Josh Kirby

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