Jason Cosmo (UK edition)



Jason Cosmo was a humble woodcutter in the village of lower Hicksnittle on the northern fringes of Darnk, where a conversation about mottled pig pox in the Festering Wart Tavern was a major community event.

But the arrival of a foppish stranger who promptly tried to kill him, made Jason realize that ther was more afoot int the magical Eleven Kingdoms of Arden than he’d previously suspected.

In neighboring Whiteswap, sipping carrot juice under the watchful eye of the Sanitary Police, Jason met the wizard Mercury Boltblaster — and learned some bad news.

The evil Dark Magic Society had placed a ten million gold crown on Jason’s head — and bounty hunters BlackMoon and Red Huntsman were on his trail. Was it a case of mistaken identity? Was there another Jason Cosmo? Or did he have something strangely wrong with his aura?


Cover illustration by Josh Kirby

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