Jason Cosmo: Noble Cause Free Preview

UPDATE: As of December 1, the Noble Cause preview is chapters 1-20.

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We’re one week into National Novel Writing Month and I have posted five free chapters of Noble Cause as part of the Smashwords NaNoWriMo promotion. You can download the chapters there for your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other ebook reader of choice, or grab a pdf file. That’s the first five chapters so far — I’ll be adding more chapters through the month of November, so check back to see what’s new.

Noble Cause (2010) by Dan McGirt

Noble Cause (2010)

To get you started, here are the opening lines of Noble Cause (subject to change in final revisions):

Chapter 1

It is said Vanah, Goddess of Fortune, may smile on any man. But it is often added that Vanah’s smiles never last, especially when she stops taking her medication. Then woe to the man whose success rests on fortune’s favor alone.

My name is Jason Cosmo. My own fortunes had changed fast enough to cause whiplash. I began the year a poor woodcutter and turnip farmer in the tiny village of Lower Hicksnittle in the distant land of Darnk, poorest and most unwashed of the Eleven Kingdoms. After adventures enough to fill an entire other book, I defeated the evil Dark Magic Society and found myself appointed the new Champion of The Gods. I was, according to Hoard, the tenth richest man in Caratha, the City at the Center of the World. I owned a magic sword once borne by the Mighty Champion of distant legend. I counted wizards, generals, and royalty as my friends. I was dating a former Miss Zastria.

It sure beat digging turnips.

But all was not pudding and pie in the Shining City by the Sea…

Enjoy the rest of the Noble Cause preview at Smashwords now!

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