Royal Chaos now in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Greetings, Loyal Readers!

Another quick note to let you know that the Kindle ebook version of Royal Chaos is now available! This ebook incorporates the original text of the 1990 paperback edition of Royal Chaos, with only minor corrective edits. I will, eventually, do a revised (and probably retitled) version of Royal Chaos as part of the rebooted Jason Cosmo series that kicked off with Hero Wanted and will continue with Noble Cause. But, for now, and for fans of the original Non-Trilogy, I give you Royal Chaos for the Kindle.

For new Loyal Readers, a word of explanation. The original Jason Cosmo series consisted of Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos, and Dirty Work. Then, to put it politely, my publisher dropped the series like a hot potato full of squirmy maggots. I call the original three books the Non-Trilogy. (Because there be three books, but they be not a trilogy.)

If the first Jason Cosmo book you read was Hero Wanted, you might wonder how it fits with these other books? Do they go together? Are they part of the same series? The answer is yes and no. Hero Wanted — as I’ve said before and will no doubt say again — is a revised edition of Jason Cosmo. If you read Hero Wanted, no need to read Jason Cosmo unless you just want to.

Royal Chaos was a sequel to Jason Cosmo. It works as a sequel to Hero Wanted if you want to read it that way. There might be a few inconsistencies because of the revision, but the books still work together.

Now the “official” sequel to Hero Wanted will be Noble Cause (coming soon!) — but no harm in reading Royal Chaos next if you want to. Noble Cause, in fact, is set in between the action of Hero Wanted and Royal Chaos. But nothing in Royal Chaos will ruin or give anything beyond very minor spoilers for Noble Cause. So have at it!

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Dan McGirt

3 thoughts on “Royal Chaos now in the Amazon Kindle Store!

  1. I’ve read, and re-read, and re-read and re-read again, the first two books of the orginal non-trilogy. I’ve owned copies of the books (Josh Kirby illustrated covers) since 1990. Thank you for many hours of pleasure, and many more to come.

    I bought Dirty Works yesterday, from Smashwords. Let’s just say that my image of Mr. McGirt as a writer has changed completely. This kind of explains some of the differences between the originals and the rewrites.

  2. I just bought Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos and Hero Wanted (yeah, I know it’s a revision of JC but was kinda curious to see what’s different) from the iBookstore via my iPad. I have the first 2 books in paperback form (unfortunately I don’t know where they are right now). I had a lot of fun reading those books over and over again.

    I also just purchased Dirty Work and Rainy Day through Smashwords. I can’t wait to read them. I’m glad you are revisiting this series and can’t wait for the next release.

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