Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter is "Vampire Comedy At Its Best"

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Just wanted to mention a fine review of Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter (also at Smashwords) at The Vampire Review, a blog by author Tami Jackson devoted to reviewing vampire-related fiction. She gives SPVH five blood-dripping stars and writes:

GUFFAW when Sarah Palin shows up to make everyone go “crazy stupid” as she shoots vampires, and the town mayor, in the head. Whether you like her or not – you’ll recognize her tone because McGirt recreates her speaking-habits so perfectly you’ll swear Sarah is reading her dialog out loud to you.

I wonder if I could get Governor Palin to record the audiobook for me?

Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter

Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter

Also, last week I finally got my hands on the comic book Steampunk Palin which features cover and several pinups of Palin by Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter cover artist Brian Denham. The story wasn’t quite what I was expecting — if it is set in the present/near future how exactly is it steampunk? Other reviewers trying to make sense of the story were puzzled too.  But Brian’s art alone is worth the price of admission.  Check it out!

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