Smashwords interview with Dan McGirt about HERO WANTED

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

My first interview about Hero Wanted was with Mark Coker, founder and CEO of  Smashwords, where you can still download the free Hero Wanted ebook.

Mark and his team at Smashwords have created a great, easy-to-use ebook publishing platform for non-techies like me. Our interview was more about why I chose Smashwords than about the literary merits, if any, of Hero Wanted, but I got in a bit of shameless self-promotion. You see, he’s selling Smashwords while I’m selling my book. It’s comedy gold! Give it a read!

Grab the free Hero Wanted ebook! And order the print edition! Then call it a day — I am!

Okay, I’ll stop yelling now.

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

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    • Greg — My favorite question! Jason Cosmo #2: NOBLE CAUSE will release in 2010. I’ll narrow that down as soon as I can. — Dan McGirt

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