Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED launches today!

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Today is the day! The official launch date of Hero Wanted!

It is also — by design, not coincidence — the 20th anniversary of the release of my first book, Jason Cosmo. I was going to write a lengthy retrospective, but forget that. The future is now!

Thank you to all the Loyal Readers who have emailed and commented and otherwise contacted me over the years. Without your support, Hero Wanted would not have been published. This was a big project to both revise the text and handle the publishing aspects. I did it because so many Loyal Readers have been in touch to say they enjoyed my books and to ask when or if I would ever have another book out. Well, the answer to those question are “yes” and “today” and thanks for asking!

What next? Well, I’ve got two big tasks on my to-do list. One is to spread the word about Hero Wanted. I appreciate my Loyal Readers, but I don’t think there a quite enough of you! Getting Hero Wanted ready for publication was a bigger job than I expected. As a result I did not have time or mental bandwidth to do much advance promotion for the book. Ideally, you start getting the word out through reviews, media, guest blogging, etc. several months ahead of the release date. Faced with a choice of pushing back the release date so I could do more pre-launch promotion or doing what amounts to a soft launch, I decided to stick with the August release.1

Putting on my publisher hat for a moment, while the Jason Cosmo series is a labor of love, I do need to sell some books to keep it going. The good news is I don’t need to sell millions of copies. Not that I would mind that! But just a few thousand sales will be enough to get us to book two.

Every book counts — so I would appreciate your help in finding new Loyal Readers. Nothing is more valuable in getting readers to try a new author than a friend’s recommendation, so if you know someone who might enjoy Hero Wanted, please tell them about it.

You can also recommend the book on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other online spaces. (And please friend or follow me on any of the above!) Once you’ve read the book, you can also post a review on Amazon, Smashwords, or other retail sites if you care to. Rave reviews are welcome, but honest reviews are more important.2

That brings me to my second main task: getting Noble Cause ready for publication. Having learned much from the process of publishing Hero Wanted, I hope the next project will proceed more smoothly, but just to be safe I’m not going to announce a launch date until I’m sure I can meet it and get all the necessary advance work done.

Bottom line — I loved writing Hero Wanted and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

  1. My last book, Dirty Work, came out in January 1993. I think that is a long enough hiatus! []
  2. I’ll post on this another time, but I’ve actually made notes for future revisions based on critical, but thoughtful reviews of my books. I’m under no illusion that my prose is flawless or my writing can’t be improved. []