Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED Cover Is Here!

Greetings,  Loyal Reader!

I’ll keep this short. Picture worth 1000 words and all that. The Hero Wanted cover is here!

Hero Wanted (2009)

Hero Wanted (2009)

Art by Richard Hescox. Design by Kris Tobiassen.

I think they did an awesome job. Hope you agree! Hero Wanted remains on track for August 2009 release from Trove Books.

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Dan McGirt

5 thoughts on “Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED Cover Is Here!

  1. Love it. Given that Jason and Merc are browsing a dungeon map, I almost want to rescind my previous recommendation to change “gold pieces” – this is an unapologetic, classic D&D cover.

    • Thanks, John! Richard Hescox (illustration) and Kris Tobiassen (titling/design) did a great job.

  2. Love the cover! Merc looks just like I thought he would (though, I thought Jason had more hair :-). Can’t wait to read the revised copy.

    • Hi, Laura! (another Original Loyal Reader!) Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think the cover is awesome. Merc, you’re right, is dead on. Careful readers will notice I never describe Jason’s appearance in much detail, but I do think I mention (at least in this new version) him having “close-cropped” hair. This is because Darnk being so filthy, lice are a problem, so short hair is better. He’ll probably grow it longer by the next book!

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