Smashwords Summer Sale until July 31

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Noble Cause (2010) by Dan McGirt

July means the Smashwords Summer Ebook Sale is here again (or Winter Sale for Loyal Readers in the Southern Hemisphere). Yes, you truly can beat the heat with an ebook–try fanning yourself with a Kindle! Works pretty well, huh? Just don’t get too close to the pool.

As usual, several of my titles are included in the summer (or, again, winter) sale fun:

25% off (enter code SSW25 at checkout to get your discount)

50% off (enter code SSW50 at checkout to get your discount)

100% off … yeah, FREE!

Only at Smashwords, only until July 31!  If you’ve already bought these books — Thank you! To share the fun, please leave a review and/or recommend to a friend.

Best regards,

Dan McGirt


2 thoughts on “Smashwords Summer Sale until July 31

  1. So whaddya got for those of us who already have all of your books? 🙂 I’m currently just waiting for “Royal Crush.” Write faster! 🙂

  2. Working on it, Gary! Thanks for your…encouragement. 🙂

    In the meantime, check the new post above, and pop over to for a peek at Dash: Into Space!


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