Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED Cover Copy

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A while ago we had a little fun at the expense of poor Cover Copy Guy, who had the daunting task of writing the text on the back cover of Jason Cosmo. The cover copy has to describe the book, somewhat summarize it without giving too much away, and most of all induce a would-be reader to buy the book — or at least be intrigued enough to open it and investigate further.

Not as easy as it sounds–even if you wrote the book! Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Hero Wanted Cover Artist Richard Hescox

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I’ve already mentioned that the artist (or illustrator — not sure if it makes a difference) is already hard at work on the brand new cover art (or illustration, if you prefer) for the first volume of the new Jason Cosmo Series, Hero Wanted.

But I neglected to tell you who he is! If you read the title of this post, you already know it’s Continue reading

Hero Wanted News

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If you’re following me on Twitter (@JasonCosmo) I’ve already mentioned these items there, but for those who prefer to get their updates the old-fashioned way, on a blog, here is the latest:

Jason Cosmo Update: Now What?

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What do you want to know?

My basic goal with the Jason Cosmo Update is to keep you, well, updated on all important developments pertaining to the Jason Cosmo series. The newest news is that I am close to signing a contract with the cover artist for Hero Wanted, after which I announce just who the artist is. I’ve seen and signed off on the pencil sketch for the cover and I think it will be pretty cool. Hope you like it.

I’ve also been updating you on my editing progress. Which, I admit, is not the most exciting topic. So in between actual updates, my question is — what do you want to read here? For instance, I could write about: Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Cover Quiz — UK Edition — Answers

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Since no one apparently wants to play the Cover Quiz Game again, I may as well give you my answers. Again the challenge is to review the descriptive text from the back cover of the UK edition of Jason Cosmo and identify any errors, based on your knowledge of the book. Presuming you’ve read the book. Which you very well may have not! Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Cover Quiz — UK Edition

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You might recall that we recently had a little fun at the expense of poor, overworked Cover Text Guy, who made a few errors — some forced,  some not — in describing Jason Cosmo on the back cover.  Now it is time to play the same game with CTG’s British counterpart, Cover Text Bloke!  Here is the descriptive copy from the back cover of the UK edition of Jason Cosmo.  How many mistakes can you find? Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Cover Story — UK Edition!

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As promised some time ago, I finally scanned in the cover of the United Kingdom edition of Jason Cosmo, published by Pan Books, Ltd. and featuring an awesome cover by the late Josh Kirby.  This is the edition most likely to be familiar to Loyal Readers outside the U.S. and Canada. Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Cover Story, Part 3

A Note to Loyal Readers of the Future: From my blog stats I can tell that few people are reading the Jason Cosmo Update here in October of 2008. So chances are that if you’re reading this at all, you’re doing so in the distant future, perhaps in a time in which the Jason Cosmo books have become the basis for a new Golden Age of universal peace, prosperity, and astonishing artistic, scientific and technological wonders. I don’t know, because I haven’t written that particular book yet here in the present. What I do know if that this post provides answers to questions posed in the previous post Jason Cosmo Cover Story, Part 2. So you should read that one first. — Dan McGirt

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Pencils down!

Last time I invited you to find the errors in the back cover copy on the original edition of Jason Cosmo, of which there are at least seven. (Special thanks to the precisely one of you who shared your answers with the rest of us.) This time, as promised, I will reveal my answers. Some errors are straightforward and some are a question of interpretation, as you’ll see. Continue reading