Hero Wanted named Top 10 Ebook of 2009!

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

A couple of weeks ago there was a sudden spike in downloads of the free Hero Wanted ebook on Smashwords. Though I figured someone somewhere had said something nice about the book, I couldn’t find the source. Today I did.

On Dec 15, eBooks Just Published, named Hero Wanted one of the Top 10 DRM-free eBooks for Christmas ’09! The list was based on ratings, reviews and “uniqueness.” So a belated thank you to Mark Gladding at eBooks Just Published for the recognition, and to the Loyal Readers whose kind words and support made it possible! I also want to thank Mark Coker and his team at Smashwords for providing such a great platform for publishing and distributing Hero Wanted as an ebook.

A great note to end the year on, as I work to complete the follow-up book, Noble Cause.

I also learned in my online ramblings today that possible future Loyal Reader Rob got a copy of my previous book Dirty Work for Christmas — a selection made by his parents due to the Josh Kirby cover of the UK edition reminding them of the Terry Pratchett books. I have no shame about riding on Sir Terry’s coattails!

Best wishes to all for the remainder of the holidays. See you in 2010!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt