New Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter Cover by Brian Denham

[UPDATE: See Brian Denham’s cover for my ebook Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter at Amazon or at Smashwords]

Greetings,  Loyal Reader!

Many of you have read my satirical novella, Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter — and many more have not.  I’ve been pleased by the good response to the story and want to relaunch SPVH for a wider audience. To do that, I need a brand new righteously cool cover. To get it, I went to comic book artist Brian Denham.

You may be familiar with Brian Denham’s work on the Angel comic from IDW.  His credits also include: The X-Files, StarCraft, Iron Man: Hypervelocity, Nova, and Avengers. He is a Lucasfilm approved artist whose work was featured during the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. He has contributed art to several Star Wars sketch card sets.

A talented artist, to be sure, and his Buffyverse and X-Files work means he knows from drawing vampires.

But can he handle Sarah Palin? In particular, a gun-toting, action-adventure, vampire-blasting Sarah Palin?

Yes, he can.

What convinced me Brian Denham was perfect for the job was his cover (and inside poster) for the Antarctic Press one-shot Sarah Palin: Rogue Warrior.  Palin, guns, Spandex–yeah, that pretty much covers it. After reading the issue, I got in touch with Brian and was delighted when he agreed to take on the SPVH project.

(Incidentally, he has yet another Sarah Palin-themed project coming from Antarctic this fall: providing the cover for Steampunk Palin. I hope he doesn’t get typecast!)

Anyway, the latest word from Brian is that the cover will be finished soon. I’ll be sure to share it with Loyal Readers as soon as I get it!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

Twinkle: second excerpt

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Below is the second excerpt from my vampire mini-epic Twinkle, coming March 1 as a free Smashwords ebook. Vampires my way!  If you haven’t read the first excerpt yet, go read that first. This picks up with the very next line:

“I dream about you when I sleep, except I don’t sleep. I just lie awake thinking about you. Or texting my friends about you. Sometimes, late at night, I update my Facebook profile to say how much I miss you and that I’m thinking about you. And then I write poems about you in my LiveJournal.”
“Yes, I’ve read some of those,” said Edmund. “You don’t pay attention in English class either, do you?”
“I can’t! Maybe I should set my LJ to private, but I don’t care. I don’t care, Edmund! I don’t care who knows how I feel because I want everyone to know how I feel about you because it’s how I feel about you and everyone should care.”
“How I feel about you!”
“Oh, Edmund, you’re so sparkly and gorgeous and moody. I want to be with you forever!”
His tourmaline eyes flickered red. “Do you really mean that?”
“Yes. I want to spend every second with you until the end of time! I have this aching, longing, yearning, indescribable need to be with you that I can’t even describe.”
“I think you just did.”
“It fills me, Edmund! My need to be with you constantly, always, forever. It fills me up. It makes me ache and tingle and ties my stomach in a knot and sometimes I just throw up on myself because I love you so much!”
“A lovely image,” said Edmund. “But, listen, Stella—”
She knit her brow in confusion. “Listen? What does that mean?”
Edmund sighed. “It means you stop talking and I say something.” He cupped her face in his hands and stared deeply into her chocolate chip eyes. “It mean you use these cute ears of yours for once.”
“I record myself reading the poems I write about you and then I upload the recordings to my iPod and I listen to them while I curl up in a ball under the dining room table because I miss you so much.”
“Not what I meant. Stella, this is important. Do you really want to be with me forever? Do you even know what that means?”
“I do, Edmund,” she said breathlessly. “I do know.”

More to come …

Best regards,

Dan McGirt


Twinkle: an excerpt

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Here is an excerpt from my vampire mini-novel Twinkle, coming March 1 at Smashwords:

Twinkle, Oregon

Twilight’s last gleaming fell softly through the mist between the trees. Sinuous fingers of fog caressed the upright shafts and trailed teasingly through the underbrush. The sun plunged into the wet darkness of the rolling sea. Above, parting clouds exposed a full, round, ripe, pale moon heaving upward into the night sky. Its tender light groped downward to find a young couple in a forest clearing, clutched in a tight embrace, their lips melded together in a deep and passionate kiss. They broke apart.
“Oh, Edmund!” said Stella, gasping. “Sometimes I think I’ll suffocate from kissing you! It’s like you never need air.”
“Sorry,” said Edmund. He smiled apologetically. “Sometimes you make me forget to breathe.”
Stella grinned. “When you put it like that, I don’t mind at all. Oh, Edmund, I love you so much!”
“And I love—”
“I mean, I really, really, deeply, completely love you with every single part of me from my head to my toes.”
“I feel the—”
“I mean every single molecule of me loves you! Every atom! Every one of those sub-atomic thingies that Mr. Flagg talks about in science class but I don’t really know what they are because I spend the whole class staring at you or passing notes to Callie about how much I love you or writing your name on my notebook.”
“I know,” said Edmund. He ran his fingers through her stringy brown hair. “Stella, you have—”
“When I’m with you, I don’t care about anything else! Not school or shopping for clothes or feeding the dog or talking to my family or even the Jonas brothers.”
“Good to know.”
“And when I’m not with you, all I think about is you. How you look. How you move. How you sound. How you smell.” She inhaled deeply. “I’m so drawn to your scent. Does that seem weird?”
“I tried that Axe body spray, so no.”

[Continued here …]

You can see where this is going. Or can you? BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

Why Dan McGirt is not Stephen King

UPDATED UPDATE 9/09: Beginner’s Luck is now available as a multi-format ebook from Smashwords. I’ve altered all the links below to point there.

UPDATE: Putting the link to my horror short story Beginner’s Luck at the top for those just arriving here.

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

How is Dan McGirt like Stephen King?

Well, we’re both authors. And there all resemblance ends.

Mr. King is the ridiculously prolific master of modern horror fiction. I am not. Continue reading