Dirty Work Cover Art Mystery – SOLVED!

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

One of the greatest mysteries of the Cosmoverse was recently solved.  For more than a decade I have been on a quest — well, an occasional quest — to learn who painted the cover illustration for the 1992 Roc edition of Dirty Work. Now, at last, the answer is revealed!

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Throwing Darts at Jason Cosmo Cover

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

The wits at the blog Good Show Sir recently had a bit of fun at the expense of the cover art for my first novel, Jason Cosmo

A sample of their good-natured ribbing:

In slaying the beardy blue giant, Jason accidentally stabs a huge butterfly, skewering it to the side of a giant reptile. With a checkerboard pattern. On. His. Underside? WTF?

Meanwhile, the cheery wizard pretends to dance with castinets, two lovely ladies pose for the artist, and everything, but EVERYTHING turns out to be smaller than a can of fizzy pop.

If I had been drinking a beverage while reading this, said beverage would have come out my nose at a high rate of speed! The remaining comments had me laughing so hard I may have sprained something.

Certainly as valid an interpretation of the scene as any. I’ve often conceptualized the Jason Cosmo cover as a goofy post-book cast photo, with all the characters merely playing dead.  Otherwise, it’s a bit gruesome…posing on a stack of bodies.

The stated mission of Good Show Sir is “sharing those Sci-fi and Fantasy book covers that elicit a response of both fear and wonder, for together we can create something truly great and show the world what sins have been committed by Sci-fi & Fantasy the world over. Because sometimes, a book cover is so bad that all you can do is step back in wonder and say “Good show, sir, good show”. “

Good Show Sir is a sort of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for book covers. Offering outstandingly hilarious commentary on odd and inexplicable SF/F covers,  Good Show Sir is a site worth checking out for a good laugh!

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Dan McGirt

Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter art by Brian Denham

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

It’s here at last — new cover art for Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter by comic book artist Brian Denham.

This just hit my in-box a few hours ago. This isn’t the finished cover, but I wanted to share the art with you. What do you think?

Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter

Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter

I think Brian did a great job! The slightly crazed look in Governor Palin’s eyes is uncanny.

Check out more of Brian’s work at:



If you do like the picture, Loyal Readers, please let him know! I’m sure he’d love to hear from you:



And look for more Sarah Palin: Vampire hunter in early 2011!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

New Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter Cover by Brian Denham

[UPDATE: See Brian Denham’s cover for my ebook Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter at Amazon or at Smashwords]

Greetings,  Loyal Reader!

Many of you have read my satirical novella, Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter — and many more have not.  I’ve been pleased by the good response to the story and want to relaunch SPVH for a wider audience. To do that, I need a brand new righteously cool cover. To get it, I went to comic book artist Brian Denham.

You may be familiar with Brian Denham’s work on the Angel comic from IDW.  His credits also include: The X-Files, StarCraft, Iron Man: Hypervelocity, Nova, and Avengers. He is a Lucasfilm approved artist whose work was featured during the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. He has contributed art to several Star Wars sketch card sets.

A talented artist, to be sure, and his Buffyverse and X-Files work means he knows from drawing vampires.

But can he handle Sarah Palin? In particular, a gun-toting, action-adventure, vampire-blasting Sarah Palin?

Yes, he can.

What convinced me Brian Denham was perfect for the job was his cover (and inside poster) for the Antarctic Press one-shot Sarah Palin: Rogue Warrior.  Palin, guns, Spandex–yeah, that pretty much covers it. After reading the issue, I got in touch with Brian and was delighted when he agreed to take on the SPVH project.

(Incidentally, he has yet another Sarah Palin-themed project coming from Antarctic this fall: providing the cover for Steampunk Palin. I hope he doesn’t get typecast!)

Anyway, the latest word from Brian is that the cover will be finished soon. I’ll be sure to share it with Loyal Readers as soon as I get it!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

Jason Cosmo: Noble Cause Cover Story

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

The cover for Jason Cosmo: Noble Cause is here at last. The gorgeously absurd and absurdly gorgeous illustration, once again, is by award-winning artist Richard Hescox, with cover design by Kris Tobiassen. They did a great job! I’ll let the picture speak for itself. You’ll have to read the book to get the full story, but what you see depicted here is our hero Jason Cosmo and the lovely twins Sapphrina and Rubis. And a very large bear.

Noble Cause (2010) by Dan McGirt

Noble Cause (2010)

Alas, we had to trim the picture a little to fit the dimensions of a book cover.

Since I don’t want Richard Hescox’s great work to go to waste, here is a peek at the full image before it was edited for the book cover:

Cover art for Jason Cosmo: Noble Cause by Richard Hescox

Jason Cosmo: Noble Cause Copyright 2010 Richard Hescox

I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I do.  Stay tuned for Noble Cause!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

Jason Cosmo HERO WANTED Cover Is Here!

Greetings,  Loyal Reader!

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Jason Cosmo Hero Wanted Cover Artist Richard Hescox

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

I’ve already mentioned that the artist (or illustrator — not sure if it makes a difference) is already hard at work on the brand new cover art (or illustration, if you prefer) for the first volume of the new Jason Cosmo Series, Hero Wanted.

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Jason Cosmo Update: Now What?

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

What do you want to know?

My basic goal with the Jason Cosmo Update is to keep you, well, updated on all important developments pertaining to the Jason Cosmo series. The newest news is that I am close to signing a contract with the cover artist for Hero Wanted, after which I announce just who the artist is. I’ve seen and signed off on the pencil sketch for the cover and I think it will be pretty cool. Hope you like it.

I’ve also been updating you on my editing progress. Which, I admit, is not the most exciting topic. So in between actual updates, my question is — what do you want to read here? For instance, I could write about: Continue reading

Jason Cosmo Cover Story — UK Edition!

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As promised some time ago, I finally scanned in the cover of the United Kingdom edition of Jason Cosmo, published by Pan Books, Ltd. and featuring an awesome cover by the late Josh Kirby.  This is the edition most likely to be familiar to Loyal Readers outside the U.S. and Canada. Continue reading